I have a few things I like to “collect” but Depression glass is one of my favorites. Most people’s collections ‘start from a memory or a love of something given to them by someone special, mine is stemmed by both. My Dad used to take me to flea markets from Cape Cod to New Hampshire where we would hunt for glass and anything else that would trigger a story of his childhood or could be used as a history lesson. These places where and are my playground and my classroom. I thought it was so amazing how women could collect these delicate pieces of glass in a Quaker Oats cereal box. My kids thought it was impossible, especially now when they are lucky to get a pen or a sticker during a cereal’s promotion (it’s their turn in the classroom). There are over one hundred patterns and several colors. In our house it was pink for me and green for my sister. To this day my Dad surprises me now and then by pulling a piece out of his basement hidden somewhere to give as a gift. Some people like to only collect one specific pattern. I’m more of an eclectic collector. I pick a piece because it’s unusual or I just like the look of it. The color is what ties them all together. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. There are a lot of reproductions out there. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you find you ended up with one as long as you didn’t over pay. I have purchased one or two myself. Some even on purpose until I find a true vintage piece or it’s just too rare to find. If you are unsure of your new love, whatever the collection may be, pick up a price and collectors guide or take one out from your local library.

If you have a smart phone, don’t hesitate to Google on site. Sometimes it’s a quick and useful tool.


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