Freeze Frame!

Where do you find your inspiration?  Once you see an idea you like in a magazine do you dog ear it?  Or, do you see tons of wonderful ideas on Facebook and share it to your page? Or, do you Pin it?

Pinning is something we have found to be quite useful.  Pinterest is our tool of choice! We make up tons of inspiration boards and when we find the right piece of junk what do we do?


Recently we found a great cabinet, curbside. A lot of the glass on the doors was broken and once the doors were removed, this piece was turned into a large wall storage unit for a beach cottage.  We had a handful of cabinet doors that were left over and instead of turning them to scrap we immediately went to Pinterest and plugged in a few key words in the search engine and came up with more ideas that we had doors!

Here are a few.

So get inspired!  That is what we do at Chagnon Designs. We transform your found or simply forgotten pieces of furniture into functional and beautiful creations for your home. We take the time and your preferences and create it for you.  Finding the time for one more project in the house can be difficult at best, if not impossible.  Feel free to contact us with questions and ideas! (even if you are half way there and need someone to get you the rest of the way!)


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