Creative concealment and containment of all things lovely and also unsightly! That is the special functionality and artful use of wooden crates and boxes.  

All of us over at Chagnon Designs collect and use classic and antique wooden crates and boxes. Refinishing them sometimes, always recycling and most of all; simply finding special uses and holding those household and woodshop items that so eagerly find themselves all over the place. Hinges, brackets, doorknobs and tolls find safe haven and easy access. Turned on their sides a vintage produce crate creatively houses favorite children’s books. Dog toys that tend to scatter around your family room can easily be tossed into an antique soda crate. Often finding the boxes are half of the fun! Family day trips to flea markets and antique fairs always leave us with armfuls (and truck – fulls! ) of treasures including crates and other small wooden boxes of the like.

Let us know what you are doing with your vintage crates, we love to hear from you!


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