Corner shelves and china cabinets filled with items that remind you of enthusiastic hunting and gathering, memories of loved ones who have gone and yard sales around the corner from home. Collections can be so gratifying.

Finding the right homes for your collections and thinking out of the box for uses is imperative to your wholehearted enjoyment. We at Chagnon Designs love to collect. Especially useful and small items for the kitchen and office. A specific love is devoted to Glass Bottles. The different shapes and textures are wondrous to peer at. The way the light shines through when a special one holds a single bloom from the garden that is kept by our family always brings a smile. Where do your collections come from; what place in your soul attracts you to specific pieces?

Collect what you love and you will never fail, be it glass, picture frames or little wooden puzzle boxes ~ The item doesn’t matter, only the story and the passion that brought you to find it. House your collections behind clear glass in cabinets, use them for vases or collecting buttons and other small trinkets, if it is tableware…set the table with it! Find functional uses for your collections, by doing so you will be sharing your joy and spreading creative cheer in your home with others.

As always feel free to contact us with inquiries or special requests!


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